Product Update September/October

Product Update September/October

Finally fall! Our favorite time of year here at Mynewsdesk as we work really hard to try out new features, build and develop existing ones and come up with new ideas for the upcoming year.

In order to make a little more sense, we’ve split the updates into our different workflow areas.


  • You can receive a news alert on your search profiles several times during the day.
  • It’s now possible to send a Clipboard via email.
  • Choose to edit the name of a search profile.


  • We’ve introduced a new cropping tool for images in your newsroom.
  • Updates to our image licenses. 
  • Choose the order of your related content when you’re publishing a story with the drag-and-drop tool.


  • We’ve rebuilt the user tracking technology in order to update your data much quicker. This means that you’ll be getting insights and information about the content you publish within minutes.

In addition to this, our maintenance crew has been eager to use their new bug zapper which means some minor improvements to the website.

Stay tuned for our next product update that will arrive sometime before Christmas.