Our wonderful product team has been hard at work! When the winds blow cold, what better to do than to make a lot of really great updates? Read all about it below!


Your PR workflow just got more awesome! We’ve integrated media monitoring into our tool and are now live in Sweden. We will continue to rollout media monitoring for our other countries.

New design on Listen/Monitor news alert

We have implemented a new design on the news alert going out from Listen or Monitor. The new design is the first step and we will iterate on it.

To tab or not to tab

Before the Story Widget opened up in a new tab by default. Now you can open stories in either a new or the same tab using the checkbox called “Open stories in new tab?” in the Story Widget form. Oh, the options!

AMP it up

We now have released Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for all newsrooms. AMP is great for mobile search results and renders really fast on mobile devices since it’s cached by Google. It improves the mobile user experience a lot by making it faster, and might also help sites rank higher in mobile search results!

50 stories in the media monitoring alert email

The maximum stories in an alert mail will be 50 stories but there will be a link in the alert email to a page showing the rest of the stories. So the journalists wanting to see all stories can follow that link.

Improved search for images and Related Material

Before the improvement, you had to remember the whole name of the material you were searching for. Now you only need to type in the first three letters, and you will start to see results that include those three characters. The more characters you add, the more accurate your results will be!

Improved Image Handler

Based on feedback, we’ve removed the editing field but instead choosing the images you want to edit and then click on “Edit” which will open up an editing window.

Tag management update

The previously highlighted marked tags have now been renamed to “Pinned”. Sharp eyes will recognize this as the same pattern that is used in your “Top stories”.

You can also sort all your tags, pinned or not, by name or size for example.

Bug fixes:

Related Material Search

When you searched in related material it just showed published materials, but now it also shows draft materials.

Acknowledging notifications works again

There was a bug which prevented users from marking notifications as read. This led to always having unread notifications. This has now been fixed.

If you have any feedback, questions or ideas for further improvements, please get in touch with our amazing support team! Through email: support@mynewsdesk.com, Twitter: @mynewsdesk_uk, or in the live chat in the lower right corner when you’re logged in to Mynewsdesk.

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