It’s been a few months of sun and vacations here at Mynewsdesk but we’ve also put a lot of work into some new, exciting features and updates.

Publish workflow becomes “Publish and Distribute”

First up, we split the Publish workflow into two separate parts – Publish and Distribute. We want to make things easier by dividing it into two steps: Publish, where you can create your story, press release, blog post etc., followed by Distribute, where you can choose which channels, and people, you want to reach out to. This allows for a better overview of all distributions that are set or scheduled and you no longer need to worry about accidentally publishing something that wasn’t ready.

New word, same meaning

A big, small thing that has happened over the summer is that we have changed the name for “material” to “content” for all of English communication, internal and external, and in our tool. The word content will replace the word material in instances where we are talking about press releases, blog posts, news stories, documents etc.

For example, related material > related content, publish your material > publish your content.



Smaller updates include back- and frontend improvements to increase the overall stability and user experience.

If you have any questions, or maybe some feedback on our new Publish/Distribution workflow, don’t hesitate to get in touch at

Until next time, happy August!