What an amazing summer we’ve had! Some of us were on far-flung holidays, some were doing great work all summer:

  • Embed image in text editor, easily. You could embed images before, but in an unnecessarily roundabout way. Now it’s as easy as clicking the dedicated button.
  • Smoother image uploading experience. Before, you would have to wait for the images to upload before you could move on with your life. We changed the process so you’re not locked in, using your computer’s “native” upload tool.
  • Quicker image deletion. We changed the flow here and also the actual time it takes to process mass image deletion. So now you can delete 50 images in like, 3 seconds.
  • Better mobile experience for image handling. We’ve done further optimization on the image handling tool for mobile.
  • Cleaned up navigation menu. No more icons! Because they just made the menu feel cluttered.
  • Improved newsroom image and video carousel. The images in the carousel will now be sharp and crisp, regardless of screen or device. And no more gray borders!
  • Improved header image in stories. Just like above, crisp image quality regardless of screen. But we also made sure that images load faster.


We done some summer bug squashing too:

  • Custom “from:” email address fixes. Sometimes your settings couldn’t be saved and sometimes you couldn’t deactivate a custom “from:” email address. But these two bugs are history!
  • Image handler fixes. Multi-select mode will now be triggered when you select multiple images. Logical. And we also automatically hide the progress bar after a short time, so it’s not in the way.