We know you’ve always wondered which of your contacts that opens all of your stories, and which ones of them that even clicks on your links. Guess what, now you’ll have all this juicy information in what used to be called “Network” and now is called “Contacts” because while we were at it we decided to keep the name self explaining and simple.

So what’s new? Now you’ll be able to segment your distribution lists based on what actions your contacts have taken. Do you want to send an exclusive release to the contacts that opens all your emails, now you can! Would you like to send a reminder to the ones that didn’t open – now you can! You’ll also be able to sort your lists in alphabetical order on name, email address and company.

On top of that we’ve added history to your contacts, you can now see which story a certain contact found interesting and which ones were not to her taste.

We’re releasing this gradually to keep improving based on feedback. If you feel you’re ready for new Contacts, please let your account manager (or our support team) know and we’ll switch it on for you instantly!