Who wants to receive your stories, and how do you find those people? To get your message out there and to get your voice heard can be difficult. With Mynewsdesk, the recipient can choose what information they want, and when they want it, on their own terms.

The followers can monitor specific subjects and companies, and you can pinpoint recipients in your network with our own contact lists. Here, we sort out the difference between followers, your own contact lists, and subscribers.


A follower is someone, who actively has opted in on following you, and have supplied their email address, in order to get you press releases, news and blog posts in their inbox. You can see who your followers are under the Network tab, by clicking Network-> Lists -> Standard lists.

Tips on how to get more followers:
– Right at the bottom of your Newsroom settings, you find the follow button that you can use on your own homepage for example. You can also create a link and add to your email signature by using the text within the first quotation marks (“”) in the code.

Own contact lists

In addition to subscribers, you can also add contacts and journalists that are interested in your content, to your own network. You can easily access your own lists directly, even when you’re about to publish content. Handle these contacts under the Network tab. Also, find key influencers to add to your network, with the Explore function, by monitoring forums, blogs, and social media.

More about contact lists:
– Add new contacts, by clicking on the Network tab -> Add contacts. Choose if you want to import a file with contacts or copy paste.
– Even if a contact is added to several lists, they will only receive one email. If the contact is a follower as well, only one email will be sent to this person.
– The contacts can easily unsubscribe themselves from your newsletters.


Subscribers have created an account on Mynewsdesk and chosen subjects that interest them. By categorizing your published material with different subjects, Mynewsdesk matches your story with the right subscriber.

Tools to reach your subscribers:
– Use the Summary and heading to evoke the curiosity of the reader, these are what the subscribers will see in their email.
– Use Categories, the subject categories should match your content. The region categories come in handy if you’re targeting your story towards a specific region.