As a car brand, Ford Denmark needs to create picture heavy content. For a journalist, to get access to all photos and documents besides text can take a lot of time, especially if you are on the go.

Thanks to Mynewsdesk, Ford Denmark can create stories that have all the documents and pictures needed, already attached, says Lene Dahlquist, Communications and Public Affairs manager for Ford Denmark.

A journalist can click on the photo, with the photo already presented and the content is available for immediate download in high resolution. The accessibility of the content has had positive effects for the car brand.

– It’s so easy to use and you see the result immediately, says Lene. I have discovered that some of our stories have ended up in media that I have never had contact with before, says the Communications and Public Affairs manager of Ford Denmark.

She accredits the brand’s communications success and recommends Mynewsdesk for communicators and PR managers alike.