Just like any other small business, you try to make your communication efforts visible and gain reach with your message, with minimal resources.

Brännland Cider is a Swedish, small scale producer of premium ice cider and cider. The cider is produced for both national and international markets.

The company’s cider maker and CEO, Andreas Sundgren, focuses on content creation rather than advertising in its traditional sense. By doing this he creates content that resonates with the company’s  audience’s interests. And, creating content that is relevant to a brand’s audience, of course, means wider reach and greater coverage for their stories and news.

Better reach with Mynewsdesk

Andreas is delighted to report that Mynewsdesk has hugely helped Brännland Cider. The company is able to reach out on a wider scale, both locally, nationally and even internationally.

Mynewsdesk has turned out to be an excellent platform to create reach for content, without being overly expensive”, says Andreas. The support is very good and personal.

Thanks to their communications efforts, Brännland Cider has gained a lot of publicity and are often mentioned in industry press. Andreas sees a direct connection between Brännland Cider’s newsroom and the publicity he is able to achieve. In 2016, the company also won an award for best marketer in Umeå at an industry gala.

Our reach has increased on a wider scale and that has probably affected local decision makers as much as anything else”, says Andreas.

Gained media attention

When Andreas launched a Kickstarter campaign (to finance planting 1,000 apple trees in Sweden’s Västerbotten), Brännlands Cider gained extensive coverage. People were offered the chance to adopt a tree for 250 SEK. Through their contributions, the company not only raised the funds they needed but their story was spread widely, gaining media attention. The email opening rate was a whopping 48%, and the press release about the project gained a large number of views on Facebook.

Before using Mynewsdesk,  Andreas mainly worked with email lists that were sent out from a regular email address.

The management of email lists has become much more simple with the help of Mynewsdesk. The possibility to upload and link to relevant material and the general layout of the message has also become more streamlined. 

Andreas has managed to not only overcome the technical challenges. He has also noticed that press releases sent through Mynewsdesk generally have a bigger impact than the ones sent through less automated channels.

“I believe Mynewsdesk solves the same problems for all their users”, says Andreas. The reply to why he would recommend Mynewsdesk to others is short and concise: “Because it works.” 

Read more about Mynewsdesk as a PR-tool on our home page and see Brännland Cider’s newsroom here (in Swedish)!