In order to spice up our visuals and improve the overall UX workflow, we are launching a brand new Styleguide! We want to make the tool less complicated and we are determined that the best way to do that is to establish design guidelines, and then build upon them.

This first release will focus primarily on three things: new colors, updates to navigation and content filtering. The top navigation bar has a fresh look with a new prominent color that our design team insists on calling “gray-ish blue”. Some additional design elements have been built into the tool as well, like a more spacious interface.

You’ll probably notice that some things have moved around a bit, but don’t worry, everything is still there and hopefully easier to find! All your newsroom settings are neatly gathered under the tab “Settings” and the “Go to newsroom” shortcut is now located under your account name tab. We also made some updates to content filtering in “publish” in order for you to sort through, and find, your posts much easier.

Our goal is to incorporate atomic design thinking with a component library to our workflow which makes it possible for our team of kick-ass developers and pixel pushing designers to get new, and better, features out way faster – from ideation, to testing, to final delivery.

We will continue to fine-tune and improve the workflow and our visuals throughout the summer, so keep an eye out for more product updates soon!