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The purpose of the Digital PR Academy is to help you feel at ease with both crafting your organization’s stories and delivering them to the world. Ultimately, we’d like to simplify subjects that PR professionals might find overwhelming or complicated.

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Each module in the Digital PR Academy tackles a particular topic and explains it clearly with minimal jargon. In the Academy, you’ll find:

  • Engaging videos – filled with relevant examples
  • Useful topical study guides
  • Practical quizzes
  • And a final exam to get certified in Digital PR


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Jonathan Bean, Chief Marketing Officer at Mynewsdesk, introduces the state of digital PR.

What you'll learn

The Art of Storytelling in PR

The methods of reaching customers have changed significantly in recent years. Let's introduce the new rules of PR and provide tips on how you can transform your organization into a story-driven one.

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Creating Influence

With the media becoming more democratized, so too has the role of influencers. In this module, we'll explore the role influencers play in engaging your audience.

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In the past, distribution was largely about pitching the right journalists with a great story. Today, there are numerous ways to target your audience directly. Let's delve into the world of content distribution.

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Is Your PR Working?

Measuring the impact of PR storytelling is not a one-size-fits-all activity; it takes experimentation to get it right. In this module, you'll learn to interrogate your data and optimize your communications.

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The Value of Visual PR

Using imagery – whether photography, illustration or some other graphic – helps make your news releases and articles more engaging and memorable. Let's learn how to tell better stories with visual content.

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How to benefit from industry monitoring

The PR Workflow - Step 1. An effective monitoring program starts by setting up a process. Let’s go through four key questions you need to answer.

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How to create and distribute stories

The PR Workflow - Step 2. To get noticed today you need a well-told story and a smart publishing plan. Basically, give your audience the stories they want to hear.

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How to identify and engage your audience

The PR Workflow - Step 3. The best PR outreach starts with knowing your audience. In this session, we will help you take the four steps to a well-executed audience plan.

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How to measure your reach

The PR Workflow - Step 4. You need a detailed measurement plan to understand how each piece of content affects your company and your target audiences.

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