It’s November everyone! And that means a whole lotta great updates from the wonderful product team here at Mynewsdesk.

Smoother image handling, Analyze updates and even a new language! What can’t they do?

Drag and drop images

The premise is simple, but the results are extraordinarily awesome. Introducing, the Image Picker.
Search and pick images quickly, and drag and drop them to your story. All the uploaded images are also saved to your image bank. You’ll get a warning if the image size is too small. There are no excuses anymore to not use amazing photos with your amazing stories!

Number of characters

The summary field in the Image Bank previously allowed 400 characters but didn’t have any restrictions when typing and saving. So, if you exceeded the 400 characters, no changes were saved. Now the maximum number of characters is 1000. So get really creative with your summaries!

In the image caption field below the web image, an error occurred when trying to save and publish a material with more than 250 characters in the field. Now there’s a restriction of 250 characters.

Dashboard update

If you’re using the new Analyze (we highly recommend it, it’s really good), your dashboard just got updated too! Before you could only see the web views from the old Analyze. Now you’re also able to see popular stories including all web, email and alert views. And, you see both weekly and monthly views. Yay accuracy!

Get on the list

In new Analyze, the Detailed tab just got better. In the list with the statistics of your published content, you now get an overview of the total number of views, a summary of monthly views, and you can click on links to different parts of the story. Also, you can filter between different types of materials, like press releases or blog posts. An overview of your content has never been easier.


Oh yes, that’s right. We have added a new language for our newsrooms – Sinhalese! – for Sri Lankan newsrooms.

If you have any feedback, questions or ideas for further improvements, please get in touch with our amazing support team! Through email:, Twitter: @mynewsdesk_uk, or in the live chat in the lower right corner when you’re logged in to Mynewsdesk.

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